Hydroseeding Anchorage

The Perfect Anchorage Landscaping Solution

Hydroseeding from American Landscaping in Anchorage is a fast and affordable way to get the best lawn possible for your Alaskan home or business.

What Are The Benefits of Hydroseeding in Alaska?

Hydroseeding provides a complete nutrient package for optimal lawn growth and sustained health and is much more cost-effective than sod lawn installation, especially for large areas.

Water and mulch help with the germination process to offer a better success rate than dry seeding. Hydroseeding allows you to achieve your ideal Alaskan lawn because it is more disease resistant and customizable, due to its variety of grass types and range of seeding options.


Variety of Custom Grass Mixtures

Disease Resistant

Single Step Planting Proces

With proper watering and care, your newly hydroseeded lawn will be a cost-effective solution that will beautify your Anchorage area outdoor space.

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The Hydroseeding Process

Hydroseeding is the process of applying grass seed, water, fertilizer and mulch to your yard as a spray. It is a single step process that can be used for large and small areas.

The process starts with site preparation. If there are patches of grass or other plants and organic materials, they must be removed. The remaining soil is then tilled to provide aeration.

The mixture of seeds, water and mulch are customized for your yard’s unique properties and growing conditions and typically contain multiple varieties of grass, which helps prevent the spread of disease. Some mixtures even contain organic binders to help the mulch and wood fibers stick to the seeds.

Hydroseeding Sprayer

The application process involves spraying your yard with the seed, mulch and water slurry. As the mixture lands on your soil, the wood fibers and mulch bind to the ground. This prevents the seeds from blowing away in high winds and helps them retain moisture to ensure a successful planting.

Hydroseeding can be done on new lawns as well as existing lawns. We can even use this process to plant wildflowers!

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