Bark Mulch

About Our Bark Mulch

American landscaping has a significant supply of hemlock bark mulch. The product is screened through a 1" screen. The material ranges in size from fine to 1" pieces. We have used this material for nearly 30 years as a staple mulch in the local landscape market.

We have successfully installed the product on projects such as schools, parks, gardens, residential developments, individual homes commercial complexes, and many more projects over the years. We have been a bulk volume supplier to many reputable landscape contractors, landscape maintenance companies, and other local landscape professionals. American Landscaping started bagging the product in 2010 and have been distributing it through local garden and nursery centers.

American Landscaping Anchorage - bark photo

The Major Benefits of Bark Mulch


With the natural rusty color of our red hemlock and the ability to add color if desired this product lends itself to easily be integrated into most landscape projects.

Water Retention

The water absorption properties of the bark mulch allow for essentially a time-released effect of water to the root system of plants and trees.

100% Recycled

The bark is skinned of the hemlock trees before being processed into various building supplies. Essentially the bark is a byproduct of the lumber industry. So you can feel good about doing your part to recycle when possible.