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Blown or Bagged

We are proud to be one of the only companies offering mulch as a landscaping service to homes and businesses in the Anchorage area.

Our professional crew can apply your mulch swiftly and anywhere you may need it. We can blow materials such as bark mulch or compost to any location that is within 100 feet of our truck.

Bagged mulch is available as well.

We also offer bagged red hemlock bark mulch, which is composed of fine shredded wood mulch and is suitable for all your mulch needs.

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Need dirt for landscaping?

We deliver!

Choosing the right topsoil is the first step to an amazing lawn and garden for your Alaskan property.

Our finished topsoil is finely screened through a 1/2" screen to eliminate rocks and other impurities. Our top soil is composed of 60% peat, and 40% sandy loam and meets all state and city specs. Our topsoil can be used for both lawns and any general plantings. We can also do special blend of topsoil on request such as infield mix and other specialty mixes.

At American Landscaping, material delivery is handled by the best in the industry!

Large items are no problem for our skilled team. We are a full service trucking company that can deliver any type of material in the Anchorage area. We can haul a variety of material, from rocks to soil, as well as any products sold by us or purchased by you from another vendor. We have our full fleet of trucks available for contract hiring; Full size dump trucks as well as side dumps.

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American Landscaping Anchorage - photo
American Landscaping Anchorage - photo
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More Variety

Customized and Environmentally Friendly

Need to fill an area or add elevation?

Fill soil is what is rejected during screening for fine topsoil and specialty mixes. This fill soil contains the larger rocks and materials not ideal for lawn and garden soil. Fill soil is great for filling in large holes or raising the overall grade of your property.

Environmentally-sound landscaping services.

At American Landscaping, we take green waste and recycle it into compost. This is an environmentally conscious solution, rather than taking this landscaping waste to the Anchorage dump. Composted soil is composed of wood waste, leaves and lawn clippings, creating the ideal environment for flowers and vegetables in the harsh Alaskan climate. We also carry compost socks that are sold in 20 foot increments.

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American Landscaping Anchorage - photo
American Landscaping Anchorage - photo
American Landscaping Anchorage - mulch photo


The Perfect Landscaping Solution

Hydroseeding produces a full and thick lawn in much less time than traditional spreading.

We can hydroseed any job, no matter how big or small! At American Landscaping, we usually perform hydroseeding in Anchorage with Alaska lawn mix. However, we can also seed with any special blend that you request. Landscaping in Anchorage can be a daunting task due to Alaska's unique environmental conditions. Hydroseeding is the perfect solution for all of your Anchorage landscaping needs.

We spray wildflower too!

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