Compost Soil

Highest Quality Worm Compost
Available for Delivery or Pickup in Anchorage

About Our Worm Compost

Our compost is tested and approved by the US composting council and is a certified made in Alaska product. We use no manures of any kind in our composting soil.

How We Make Compost

We use red wiggler worms for most of the composting activity, however, we still need to aerate the material to maintain the proper temperatures for productive composting. Materials are generally windowed into 6-8' tall piles. The temperatures are monitored regularly. When the temperature of the compostables reaches roughly 160 degrees, the pile is then turned.

How We Process Compost

After a few months of this process, the material is put through a screening process. With the finished compost we commonly make several products. The bulk of the material is put through a 1" screen then through a 3/8" screen.

The material that has gone through the 3/8" screen ultimately gets either bagged or blended with specialty soil and compost blends. The bagged compost goes to retail and commercial outlets. Some of the more course compost gets made into compost socks for erosion control projects. The remaining material gets put back into the compost piles for further composting to a more desirable size.

The worm compost socks and bulk compost have been used on many state, municipal and larger-scale construction projects throughout the state of Alaska.

American Landscaping Anchorage - compost photo

Key Benefits of Compost

Compost has a naturally occurring fibrous makeup that helps it adhere to slopes for erosion control.

Compost has micro-organisms that produce nitrogen to help feed plants and reduces the need for fertilizers.

Compost is a naturally buffering material to help maintain a neutral PH.

The product is considered LEED-compliant as an environmentally responsible material.

Compost weighs nearly 1/2 as much as topsoil, so it is easier to handle and truckloads can carry more volume.

2” of compost replaces 4" of topsoil as far as organic makeup is concerned, therefore reducing labor, hauling and equipment costs, etc.

Compost can commonly be applied to hard to reach areas by our blower truck because it does not bind up as much as topsoil.

Compost is used to remediate contaminated soils. It has been shown to bind heavy metals and other pollutants, preventing them from migrating to water sources or being absorbed by plants.

Our Commitment to Being Green

American Landscaping has been producing compost in Alaska since 2008. Since then, we have developed a top-quality compost. We have a green waste collection facility where the compostable materials are collected then ultimately transported to our composting facility. The feed source for our compost is generally from lawn clippings, leaf debris, and wood chips. We take great pride in keeping nearly 20,000 tons of raw compostables out of the local landfills. We intend to grow this volume annually.

With your help reaching the proper consumers, we can keep more material out of the landfills and extend their life cycles. We can continue to give the end-user a quality compost product made right here in Alaska, creating jobs and wages for Alaskans helping fuel our local economy.